Computer Software Engineering

Program Overview:

In this program, the student will gain practical software engineering skills that give him a competitive edge in the job and labor market. The studies focus on computer hardware (including Computer Architecture and Linux/Unix Operating System) and business practice, management and analysis and the basics of programming in advanced computer languages such as C#, .Net, Java, HTML, C. There's also a concentration on deeper understanding of software engineering principles. This specialization is considered one of the specializations that are in great demand among the various industrial and business owners that depend on computing technologies
The main objective of this major is to graduate students who are competent in the field of programming at a high level. There are a number of courses taught in this specialization that provide the opportunity for graduates to work as a programmer in institutions and facilities that rely heavily on computing, as well as enable them to work as a programmer and implementer of projects in special computing units. It is important to mention that the Education at Al Qasimi College of Engineering and Science in programming is of a very high standard and according to the required specifications, which qualifies students to keep pace with every new development in this field and to integrate into public and private work institutions.
Education path period is 2 years